Training puppy to obey the right standards at home

Training puppy to obey the right standards at home
Huấn luyện chó

Dogs are not just one of the most intelligent and loyal animals known. Today each dog family is also considered an important friend, bringing joy to each family member. But   it is not easy to  huấn luyện chó con  to be obedient. You need to have some patience and also have enough perseverance to train them. And to be able to guide your puppy to obedience, you need to do the following.

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Training puppy to obey the right standards at home

Things to pay attention to before training the puppy

Take responsibility for puppies and don’t yell at them

Raising puppies is an interesting job, and in order to succeed in training, all family members must also be part of the team. When you get your dog back, you have to set some rules for them to work from the beginning. If they do wrong, you absolutely must not be scolded but must instruct them to be understood.

Award worthy

You cannot train puppies without rewarding them. Most puppies respond well to food. However, you need to realize that when training comes with a reward for food, or “junk food,” you should only take small portions, or their daily food, as well!

Praise the puppy

In addition to awarding, you need to incorporate some compliments to them. When the puppy responds correctly, you should use a friendly tone of high tones. They often respond to soft, cheerful voices.

Create intimacy between the owner and the puppy

The training is not only the training is done, but also to increase the efficiency and speed of training. You need to spend time playing with them, often taking them for a walk, go out to increase the intimacy. Creating a strong bond between the person and the owner, then the training becomes easier.

Before training, puppies need to give their names

We humans need names to distinguish one person from another. So do your dogs, they have names to know who they are. When they remember their names, you will be easier to train. A dog will focus more when the owner calls his name.

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